Saturday, 29 May 2010


Campervan is nearly ready for Volksfling!! It's been a crazy week with van failing MOT, but passing re-test late Friday afternoon. OH is busy bolting the bed back down so we have a comfy sleep, I was not going for the idea of just chucking the mattress on the floor. With the possible (and now definite) wet weather it would just end up soaking.

Been a long time since our last trip in the camper back in October, so we are bound to of forgotten something. Only camping for one night so I am sure it won't be too big a deal. Really looking forward to first trip of the year, and this year I am insured to drive as well. Fingers crossed I don't bump it or scratch the alloys!!!

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  1. I have always wanted a VW camper van I love the noise the engine makes. xoxo