Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Some background on me...

I am a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. Completing my Postgraduate Master of Fine Art in 2002 and BA Honours of the First Class in Drawing & Painting in 2000. During and after studying I exhibited widely in Scotland, with a large solo show in July 2007.

I have been painting abstract landscapes using the influence of the landscapes and seascapes of the Orkney Islands where I grew up. Quote from review of my art by Chris Rea: "Jade Stout's paintings are small and compact. Her palette incorporates colours of mauve, beige, dark green and brown and represent seascape memories from her childhood in Orkney to recent trips to Mull. The paint is thick and textured creating lines, waves and splashes. The canvases are divided into rows of colour sometimes leaving a large portion of the canvas white. The strict composition and clinically clean lines reminds one of a modern-day Mondrain. Stout has managed to transcend personal experience and, literally, create a canvas for the viewer to recall all the landscapes held in our memories. As I look at her paintings I travel through exotic carpets, bamboo forests, industrial estates, sand and rust. There is a beauty, simplicity and sincerity in the work that one rarely sees anymore."

I plan to continue to paint in this style under the name Jade Stout, but branching out into other areas (such as the art nouveau/manga inspired portraits and VW images) under the name Sweet'art Stout.

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